There are five rooms located in the three-storey part of the building, each of which has its own architectural and decorative character, without similarities between them.

There are two rooms on the basement, two on the first floor and one on the second floor, where there is also a big common living room with a balcony, from where the view to Pagasitikos and the sunset are pure magic.

On the building’s ground floor there is the kitchen with the stone oven and the living room, the windows of which oversee Pagasitikos and the guesthouse’s courtyard.
In this part of the building, there is also the boiler room, the washing machine, the drying and ironing machine, as well as the rest of the auxiliary facilities of the guesthouse.

If you wish to experience the real sense of the pure
traditional building with the architecture, the atmosphere and the decoration of the past, away from any vehicles but close to the sounds of nature and people and overlooking Pagasitikos, you are in the right place.