Because of its location, Lafkos has the advantage of being very close both to the quiet beaches of Pagasitikos and to the amazing beaches of the Aegean Sea. At 13 km. from Lafkos, we will see Mourtias, which in 2005 was ranked in 7th place worldwide as the   «beach of extreme natural beauty» and not accidentally. It is a beach of a very special and different landscape that fascinates all visitors. In fact, it is a small cove in south Pelion with soft golden sand. Its trademark is the red-rock formations that are “scattered” in a row in the sea and jump from the deepest waters. These imposing rocks of various shapes are called Loumparda and resemble natural artworks while giving the entire landscape an exotic character.   


Lyri beach is at 3 km. from Mourtias, at the feet of the homonymous Pelion village. It is surrounded by the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea; it has a beautiful beach with many stones and pebbles. Lyri has a stunning view to the island of Skiathos, which is lying opposite, as well as to Mount Athos. It is less busy than Mourtias and is a nice alternative. For food or coffee you can go to Katigiorgis fish village (5-6 km. from Mourtias) or alternatively to Promyri. For those who love hiking, there are numerous paths that begin and end there, while the many undercurrents make it ideal for various water sports.