The train of Pelion

The train of Pelion: The ascent to the beautiful slopes of Pelion up to Milies is about to start!  One of the narrowest railways in the world (60 centimeters) hosts the 4 wagons of “Mountzouris”. From Ano Lechonia up to Milies, the route is mountainous, crossing the green slopes with dense vegetation of plane trees and oaks, the old but ornate constructions of carved marble and grey limestone that formed the rococo arched bridges, arches and tunnel openings are extremely interesting. A unique example is the five-arched stone bridge of Kalorema and the big metal bridge of Taxiarchis or De Kirikos.

Milies: It is one of the most famous villages of central Pelion, in its green side with stunning natural beauty and many examples of traditional local architecture. You should visit the church of Taxiarches with the beautiful post-Byzantine icons, the folklore museum and the library, as well as to walk around the beautiful streets with the traditional fountains and buildings. In the village square with the plane trees, you can find restaurants and cafes, as well as traditional fountains, examples of the famous local architecture.

Itinerary: 8:30 – 9:00 Departure from Lafkos to Ano Lechonia. The distance is 37 km. or approximately 50 minutes). 10:00 Departure of Mountzouris from Ano Lechonia and arrival at Milies at 11:35. Visit to the village, lunch, coffee until departure from Milies at 15:00 and return to Ano Lechonia at 16:30. Return to Lafkos through Afisos-Lefokastro from the narrow coastal road.