Visit to Skiathos

Visit to Skiathos by water taxi or boat

From Katigiorgi, a small fishing village on the Aegean Sea side which is 14 km away from Lafkos, as well as from Platania, you can visit Skiathos easily and quickly. Access is possible by water taxis throughout the year, while during summer a lot of daily cruises are organized. Indicatively, the time needed to go to Koukounaries by water taxi is 15 minutes from Katogiorgis and 25 minutes from Platanias.

Daily cruises to Skopelos are also organized during summer. The time needed to go to Glossa, Skopelos by water taxi is approximately 45 minutes from Katigiorgis.

If you take a water taxi, you can arrange the departure time b phone, while cruises depart around 9:00 – 9:30 am. From Lafkos to Katigiorgis, the time needed is approximately 20 minutes (14 km.).